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Therapeutic Massage:
A massage which combines many different techniques to create a routine specifically designed for each individual.
Swedish Massage:
The combined use of the 5 basic massage strokes and stretching to work fatigued, sore muscles and restore range of motion to joints.
Sports Massage:
This massage is designed for the athletic individual and for the weekend warrior. A sports massage focuses on reventing injury and increasing performance. It's excellent during training and before/after an athletic event.
Soft Tissue Release:
This is a quick and lasting way to treat sore or injured muscles with applied pressure and stretching.
Pregnancy Massage:
Many of the discomforts associated with pregnancy can be alleviated through the appropriate massage techniques. Our specially trained therapists work with the mother-to-be in order to make this time an enjoyable experience.
This is the ancient practice of working the feet and the hands with acupressure and massage techniques to relieve disorders of the entire body.
Through a series of hand positions, the practitioner channels the universal life force into the client for energy rejuvenation influencing the body, mind, and spirit; it is a very holistic therapy
Deep Tissue:
A massage form specifically geared to reaching the deeper layers of the musculature. Not only does deep tissue promote relaxation to the deeper muscles, but this specific technique also releases toxins in a more efficient manner.
Lymphatic Drainage:
Involves light pressure to the lymph nodes and vessels helping to boost the immune system, relieve the discomfort of allergies and edema, and reduce stress.
Very subtle movement applied to the head and spine to release energy blockages. It's a great modality for those suffering from migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, and TMJ dysfunction.
A modality that makes use of the extracted oils of plants and fruits that are treasured for their therapeutic effects. An individualized blend is formulated for you.
Bamboo Massage:
In Bamboo massage, hollow bamboo canes are used as a massage tool, either warmed or at room temperature.
Glass cups are heated with flame, and then placed on the skin. The heat acts as a vacuum to draw skin up into the cup, and massage is then performed using the cup. Very good for stubborn, tight muscles and detoxification.

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Call Today: (610) 898-0858
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